Hi! I’m Freya. Thanks for visiting The Art Wanderer. I am a museum professional specialising in digital engagement and exhibition interpretation. When I’m not doing museum-y things, I’m making my own clothes, out on my road bike, or off exploring. 

I set up this blog to make art more accessible to people who want to find out more. Hopefully, The Art Wanderer is written so that anyone can untangle the maze that can be art, but it is also a visually accessible blog; have a play around with the brand new accessibility tool in the green box on the right-hand-side of the screen.

The Art Wanderer is an inclusive platform to read about exhibitions in the UK and beyond, and a chance to find out more about some of the most fascinating artworks, movements, and topics that the artworld has to offer. I think that art is more enjoyable when we know a little bit about what we’re looking at, so hopefully this will make galleries and exhibitions that little bit more enjoyable, not mind boggling!

Remember, to be an art lover doesn’t mean you have to love every piece of art you see; having an opinion and challenging the narratives that we’re presented with can be a very powerful thing. And maybe that is what makes art so wonderful. So, love the art that makes you feel something, explore the exhibitions and galleries that you love, and take The Art Wanderer with you.

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