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 8 / 10

Razana Afrika is a community organisation that advocates for youth empowerment through African history. With a mission to educate, inspire, and empower, they recently launched a virtual exhibition that celebrates the history of both real and legendary queens of Africa or of African origin. 

The exhibition uses smooth virtual technology to display 18 photographic portraits, each accompanied by an explanatory caption, and detailing the photographer, model, and styling. Gliding between vibrant and powerful photos, African Queens gaze across a cathedral-like exhibition space, highlighting the magnificent yet powerful protagonists.

I was impressed by the union of technology and art. Recently, virtual exhibitions have become ten-a-penny, but Razana Afrika have worked hard to make the exhibition a truly immersive experience. Each photograph is beautifully curated, working alongside the minimalist backdrop to elevate the prestige of each beautiful sitter. 

'Yennenga, The Warrior Princess 1843-1880' © SephEnt

“African Queens gaze across a cathedral-like exhibition space, highlighting the magnificent yet powerful protagonists”

Each photograph is accompanied by a short description of the fictional or historical Queen. One of my favourite images details Yennenga, The Warrior Princess, who is described as, “a legendary princess, she is considered as the mother of the Mossi people of Burkina Faso. Yannenga was the daughter of King Nedega, who ruled over the Dagomaba Kingdom (which is now part of Northern Ghana)”. I’d really have to scrape the barrel to criticise this exhibition: if anything, I would love to know a bit more about the historical context of these captivating women. 

Explore the African Queen Exhibition and immerse yourself in this wonderful contemporary response to legendary history. From Cleopatra’s daughter to the Queen of Sheba, the exhibition introduces remarkable characters and individuals who embody strength, power, and authority. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, and learning about the inspiring work of Razana Africa.

Screenshot of Africa Queen Exhibition 3
Screenshot of Africa Queen Exhibition 2
Screenshot of Africa Queen Exhibition 1

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